Announcing Words & Pictures issue one – Finally!

The FIRST ISSUE of the long-awaited Words & Pictures is a go! All patrons at the $5 and above can download it now (as well as other great stuff from our publishing list.) Supporters at the $10 level will also be getting a print edition (I’ll update those of you waiting on the print edition as soon as we have it rolling) as well as a signed mini-print of the line art for the cover that will be completely backer-exclusive, and not available once a new issue is out. If you are a fan of my writing and art, this is the place to find the best of the new stuff I’m working on. To get the link for W&P #1, just sign on at the link below and become a patron. To those of you who are already supporting this project (and have been for some time) THANK YOU so much for your support. More good trouble coming soon!

My new Halloween piece – now available as a limited print!

Okay, since I’ve been mainly focused on finishing the Words & Pictures periodical for my Patreon backers, we hadn’t really planned and/or prepared to do prints of this cover piece, especially to have them available soon enough to display for the holiday – but several people have asked, and as it turns out we have ONE PACKAGE of the quality print stock we ordered to prep for the Salt Lake City Comicon and didn’t use. So – we can do TWENTY PRINTS, right now, and have them in the mail to you by Friday. First come first claimed. The signed, full color prints will be $35 each, plus $10 for packing and shipping. Send $45 via PayPal to and your print will be off to you by the weekend. 🙂 (One caveat: the $10 shipping is domestic only – any foreign orders, please contact me first for exact shipping costs. Thank you!)

All The Good Things

I’m gearing up to FINALLY begin releasing the Words & Pictures periodical via my Patreon (now that I’ve figured out how to viably produce a print edition along with the PDFs), but I’ve also chosen to treat Patreon like a James Owen Subscription System, giving patrons downloadable versions of my current work, and early FREE downloads of upcoming books, like the long-awaited followups to the Meditations series and the Annotations to my Imaginarium Geographica books.

Anyone pledging at the $1 level and above can already get free downloads of the entire Meditations Trilogy, including the ever-popular DRAWING OUT THE DRAGONS. I’ve just updated it to include the high-resolution downloads of ALL FOUR of my ALL THE COLORS OF MAGIC coloring books, free to patrons at the $5 level and above. And patrons at the $10 level can also get the massive ESSENTIAL STARCHILD book! Additionally, when we reach FIFTY patrons, I’m going to add the PDF of my short story collection THE UNUSUAL MOTION OF STRANGE BEASTS, free for EVERYONE at any level.

I’m hoping to start pouring all of the works-in-progress into Words & Pictures. It’s been a long time coming, and I am very, very grateful for the supporters who have continued to back me through obstacles, illnesses, and personal difficulties. But I’m more focused than ever on Doing Good Work, and sharing it here. I hope you’ll take a look, consider supporting my Patreon, and get some good books. More are on the way. 🙂


Only six hours left to become one of the first readers to get the new Imaginarium Geographica book, THE DRAGON KNIGHT. We still have goals I hope to reach, but the book will happen, and I am working now to make it the best book I possibly can. Great rewards still available – take a look and help us see this one over the finish line with an barbaric yawp!



The Kickstarter campaign for THE DRAGON KNIGHT is in its last three days, and we’re looking for THIRTY-EIGHT more readers to help it finish big! Come give us some support and get some awesome rewards, then let’s go into the holiday season with a BANGARANG!

Summoning The Dragon Army

I’m about to do some…surprising things, regarding the Kickstarter for the book THE DRAGON KNIGHT. Collectors of my original fantasy art and creators of stories and art who would be interested in some workshop opportunities should pay very, very close attention. Very close attention. I’ll be listing our stretch goals and the awesome NEW rewards a little later today, but I also have a request for those of you who are already supporting this project. The most traction we’ve gotten so far has been from a boosted post aimed at the people who liked my fan page…AND their friends. A LOT of people know the Imaginarium Geographica books, and tens of thousands of them who have purchased and read and loved those books may not have even gotten the chance to know this book EXISTS. So I’m summoning my Dragon Army to change that. I’d like you to share the cover and link, either in email or by Facebook post or message, with ONE friend whom you know reads the books (or might like to) and ONE librarian or Independent bookseller, both of whom can take advantage of the Bookseller Pledge. Then, just send a message to us via the Kickstarter, and you’ll receive as a thank you a signed promo postcard of the cover. Boosting the Signal = Awesome Free Swag. So please go spread the word – show me what a Dragon Army of readers and believers can do!


Just 21 more readers needed to reach 200 backers! This is the cover to the Art Edition, which includes a paperboard slipcase, illustrated endpapers, and a special bound-in limitation page with an original inked Dragon drawing. Only 245 copies will be produced of this edition, and it’s already going quickly. You can reserve yours here at the link:

A NEW Imaginarium Geographica book from James A. Owen and Coppervale Press!

I started the saga in HERE, THERE BE DRAGONS, and finished it in THE FIRST DRAGON, but the stories in those seven books weren’t all the stories I had to tell. The eighth Imaginarium Geographica book, THE DRAGON KNIGHT, is live on Kickstarter now, and our goal is to give readers a new Dragon book for Christmas. Get yours here:


The Meditations Trilogy Is Now Available For Pre-order!

A couple of weeks ago, we sent out the BackerKit surveys for rewards for the good people who backed the Meditations Trilogy Kickstarter. If that includes YOU, you should have gotten an update from Kickstarter, and an email from BackerKit with the survey. (If you haven’t seen it, check your Spam folders.) For those of you who missed the opportunity to pledge for the books during our Kickstarter campaign, or wanted to add something to your collection and reading stack, we are now open for pre-orders, to be shipped after the Kickstarter rewards have gone out. You can look over the options and order the books at the link, here: