Happy Caretaker Day!

The annual celebration of Caretaker Day began when a few of the more devoted readers of the Imaginarium Geographica books decided to commemorate the day when John, Jack, and Charles – the Caretakers of Legend – first met: March 16, 1917.

Since that first historic event, the Caretakers Three have been on many adventures, and proven themselves time and again to be not only worthy Caretakers of the Imaginarium Geographica, and the worlds of our imagination, but at times, of all of creation itself. But sometimes, they showed that what they best took care of was what is most important: their friends. Their family. Those whom they cared about. And those whom they didn’t even know. In short, EVERYONE, at one point or another, was a worthy candidate for help from one of my Caretakers – because that is the way of the world. Sooner or later, everyone needs help, be it big or small. And if they are lucky, a hand reaches out of the darkness, and a voice says, “Reach up. I’ll catch you. And I will not let you fall.”

To be a Caretaker means literally to “take care.” And while we are often given specific stewardships, such as my Caretakers Three, with the great atlas, it’s often true that those who take care of great things and specific things are also those who look to take care of the smaller things when they can, for whomever may be in need.

We have many things in our lives for which we are expected to take care – but we also have so many opportunities to take care of other things, too. If, today, you offered someone a kind word, you are a Caretaker. If you lent someone a hand, eased their burden, lifted them up, you are a Caretaker. If you spoke in kindness and not anger, chose to help instead of harm, or protected someone who was hurting, or in trouble, or alone. you are a Caretaker.

And there’s no way to know when a small gesture, a kind word, or a simple effort to ease someone’s burden might just change their day, and change their life. Change someone’s life, even for a day, and you change the world. If you believe that, you will see it. I believe. I see you. And I will never let you fall.

Go forth and change someone’s world. All you have to do is take care. Happy Caretaker Day.

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James has written and illustrated six books in the bestselling series The Chronicles of the Imaginarium Geographica: Here, There Be Dragons; The Search For The Red Dragon; The Indigo King; The Shadow Dragons; The Dragon’s Apprentice; and The Dragons of Winter. The series is now being published in more than twenty languages. A seventh volume, The First Dragon, will conclude the series in November 2013.

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