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  • I've Got You – And You've Got Me

    Life is a constant process of moving forward into the future, one precious moment at a time; a process of growth, and learning, and change. And one of the most rewarding aspects of that process is being able to refine some of the lessons I’ve learned into clearer and clearer messages that become easier to share, and more fulfilling to try to live by. The way I least expected to get more clarity about one of the most significant messages I believe in is through a sports metaphor. (Although, to be fair, it’s really more of a general health and wellness/exercise metaphor, but still.) In weight training, spotting is the act of supporting another person during a specific exercise, in order to help them to lift or push[...]

    Perhaps the Best Interview...

    ...I've ever done. Mark at Kobo is a good friend, which always makes the interview better. And going by the list of highlights, this was a great one, and worth your time to listen to. http://kobowritinglife.com/2015/02/11/kobo-writing-life-podcast-episode-028-james-a-owen/ [...]

    A Foundation of Inspiration

    One of the core questions of the beliefs that guide my life is "How can I inspire you to be your best self?" and I try very hard to say and do the things that will help inspire the people around me, especially those whom I care about most. And every so often, it is reciprocated in amazing ways. Last week in Colorado, at the annual Superstars Writing Seminar where I'm one of the instructors, I'd planned a lunch with my good friend Joshua Essoe, during which he planned to share something very important with me. Something so important, one of my best friends, Kristin Luna, teased me about it on a nature walk earlier (to her delight and my distress) saying it was something that would be "life-changing." At the lunch, Jo[...]
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