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  • On Gratitude and Eggs Benedict

    I think the quote pictured here is true, although the value you bring to the world — in your work, and in how you choose to live your life — is not always apparent to those around you, and may not always be fully appreciated immediately. It often takes time — but your value will be reciprocated and increased, if you focus on doing the things you love, and you invest your time and effort into doing them brilliantly. I am sitting in my Studio today feeling grateful for those around me who have valued what I offer, and who have returned that value a hundredfold. Sometimes our best moments are connected to our worst ones, but it's the contrast that makes the memory of difficult times bearable, and makes the wonderful ti[...]

    The Twentieth Anniversary Nearly-Complete Essential StarChild

    AVAILABLE TO THE PUBLIC AT LAST! The massive, beautiful book that was funded by a tremendously successful Kickstarter campaign is now available to purchase. Everything that was ever published in the StarChild comics by James A. Owen — and a lot of additional material — is included in this 704 page limited edition hardcover. All of the stories, including the first two storylines, AWAKENINGS and CROSSROADS; the "Little Neil" short stories from the anthology NEGATIVE BURN; the long story "Hobblesmith;" the unfinished MYTHOPOLIS chapters that have never been reprinted; all the development sketches and notes; guest illustrations and art features from some of James's pro friends; literally everything that had been associated[...]

    Shadows of Something Wonderful

    As I mentioned a few days ago on my facebook pages, we've now got all of the Dragon Laser-Cut Silhouettes — including the now larger, awesome one featuring ALL SEVEN of the Dragonships from the book covers of The Chronicles of the Imaginarium Geographica — up and available for purchase at the Coppervale Marketplace. Click on the thumbnails for a better look (and we'll be replacing a couple of the images with better photos shortly). The individual Dragon Silhouettes are limited to 45 pieces each, and the Seven Dragon Silhouette is limited to 100 pieces. We'll be taking some of these to the Phoenix FanFest, so the available number may drop suddenly. I'll be signing a small batch the first part of next week before going t[...]
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