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  • Never Yield

    This is one of the concepts that drives most of the choices in my life. There's a deep kind of joy to be found in doing the things that you love for your job, and in finding a Tribe of like-minded individuals to surround yourself with to help you keep that creative fire burning hot and bright. For more inspirational quotes and motivational stories about how you can learn to make choices to help you towards living an extraordinary life, check out The Meditations Trilogy. Three short reads that might just change your life. Buy them here at The Coppervale Marketplace. And please leave reviews for them here: DRAWING OUT THE DRAGONS on Amazon THE BARBIZON DIARIES on Amazon THE GRAND DESIGN on Amazon DRAWING OU[...]

    It's Only Impossible Until It Happens

    “The difficult I’ll do right now. The impossible will take a little while.” — Billie Holiday. Sometimes, the reason impossible takes a little while is because you're going to make mistakes. Others will see it, and to them, the mistakes — especially the epic ones — are proof that whatever it is is clearly impossible, and your continuous efforts as evidence you are clearly bonkers. Sometimes, it seems the reverses you encounter and the obstacles in your way are utterly insurmountable. And it is in those moments where there is only one thing that can redeem all of your failures and make the impossible achievable: your belief that it is. If you believe, and keep striving to progress, then miracles become possible. Th[...]

    What Matters Most

    In September, prior to the launch of all three Meditations ebooks, we offered a link to download a free PDF of the first book, Drawing out the Dragons: A Meditation on Art, Destiny, and the Power Of Choice. After some consideration, I decided to leave the link active—I think it's a book with important and meaningful messages for people who may need to read it, and so I think I'd like to have some version of it available, all of the time, for free. You can still buy the mobi version over at Amazon, or the epub version at Barnes & Noble, and Kobo, or get a zip file with all three formats over at the Coppervale website. But if you haven't had a chance to read it, or know someone who might need it, please feel free to down[...]
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