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Drawing Out The Dragons Book 1 of The Meditations
International Studio Vol 1 No 4
Argosy Quarterly Vol. 1 No. 3
Unusual Motion of Strange Beasts Short Stories
Lost Pirates of the Caribbean
Mythworld Book 1

  • All the Colors, All the Magic

    A lot of people have asked if there was some way to add volume one of ALL THE COLORS OF MAGIC to their rewards for the three new volumes - and the answer is YES! After the campaign is successful, we will have additional items to select and order via BackerKit. To add copies of volume one, simply increase your pledge by $15 for a PDF or print copy, or $20 for both, and you'll have a credit to use when you fill out the BackerKit survey. There will also be an option to purchase additional print copies as well, but adding funds to your pledge now gives you the same credit to use while helping us reach our goal. So yes, you CAN get the entire set by supporting the new books now! The books, which have the BEST of all my i[...]

    Eight Days

    I think anything is possible in eight days. I created the entirety of the comic book STARCHILD #8 in just eight days – pencils, inks, lettering, and a painted cover, while sick at the beginning, and in a San Jose hotel room prepping for a convention at the end. In just eight days, I created FIFTEEN of the illustrations for the book THE FIRST DRAGON – art which normally took one to three days EACH to complete, and unless someone looks really closely, no one can tell which ones they are. Now, there's a challenge ahead, which I believe can be met and conquered in just eight days. The Kickstarter for the first volume of ALL THE COLORS OF MAGIC overfunded with 674 backers pledging $15,395, or around 180% of the [...]

    More Colors Of Magic

    Ladies and gentlemen, I'm very pleased to announce my newest project: the Kickstarter campaign for ALL THE COLORS OF MAGIC, volumes II, III, and IV: More Coloring Books For All Ages. I decided to put them out as a set, in part because they are all complete and ready to go to press, and because so many of you have asked for more drawings to love and color. We've increased the price to match the retail price of the first one, and added a nominal amount for shipping, but the cost per book ($15) is still less than what comparable books are going for, and we plan to keep these unbeatable in terms of quality. Better binding, better adhesive, matte covers, and the same wonderful paper...and sixty-six new illustrations to colo[...]

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