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  • January 2

    January 2 always feels left out, to me — like the parties are done, and it's just the day when you take all the lights down. So I thought I'd take note of the day, and offer something special: a sale on the set of all three Meditations books. It's a zip file with all three books in all three ebook formats: epub, mobi, and as beautiful PDFs you can read on any device. The individual price for the books is $4.99 each; as a set, they're usually $11.99. But now and through the weekend, you can get the whole inspirational trilogy for just $7.95! Happy January 2! Just click here to go to the Coppervale Marketplace and buy the set. [...]

    On Gratitude and Eggs Benedict

    I think the quote pictured here is true, although the value you bring to the world — in your work, and in how you choose to live your life — is not always apparent to those around you, and may not always be fully appreciated immediately. It often takes time — but your value will be reciprocated and increased, if you focus on doing the things you love, and you invest your time and effort into doing them brilliantly. I am sitting in my Studio today feeling grateful for those around me who have valued what I offer, and who have returned that value a hundredfold. Sometimes our best moments are connected to our worst ones, but it's the contrast that makes the memory of difficult times bearable, and makes the wonderful ti[...]

    The Twentieth Anniversary Nearly-Complete Essential StarChild

    AVAILABLE TO THE PUBLIC AT LAST! The massive, beautiful book that was funded by a tremendously successful Kickstarter campaign is now available to purchase. Everything that was ever published in the StarChild comics by James A. Owen — and a lot of additional material — is included in this 704 page limited edition hardcover. All of the stories, including the first two storylines, AWAKENINGS and CROSSROADS; the "Little Neil" short stories from the anthology NEGATIVE BURN; the long story "Hobblesmith;" the unfinished MYTHOPOLIS chapters that have never been reprinted; all the development sketches and notes; guest illustrations and art features from some of James's pro friends; literally everything that had been associated[...]
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