On the Value of Having a Bigger Vision

Sometimes, to achieve your greatest goals, to make happen what you really want to make happen, to take another step towards living an extraordinary life, you have to be willing to have a bigger vision than everyone around you – and be willing to pay the price for that.

Having a big vision often means having a long-term vision; and this world revolves largely around short-term goals, short term-gains, and short-term greatness. To aspire to something grander is noble – and very likely to be mocked.

Doing great things sometimes involves making many, many good choices, the results of which may not be apparent for a very long time. With no visible results, people may start to doubt your choices, and question your vision. Those questions, that doubt, may cause your path to become even more difficult, and that is your test: with no visible short-term results, and an increasingly difficult path, you may ask the question, “is it worth it?”

How you answer may make the path even harder – and your eventual reward even greater.

If you truly believe in what you’re doing, don’t stop. Ever.


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James has written and illustrated six books in the bestselling series The Chronicles of the Imaginarium Geographica: Here, There Be Dragons; The Search For The Red Dragon; The Indigo King; The Shadow Dragons; The Dragon’s Apprentice; and The Dragons of Winter. The series is now being published in more than twenty languages. A seventh volume, The First Dragon, will conclude the series in November 2013.

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