Necessary Dragons

The special promotion, offering a free PDF of the book Drawing out the Dragons: A Meditation on Art, Destiny, and the Power Of Choice, was supposed to close at midnight, on September 10th. Because of the significance of the date of the following day, I decided to leave it up. I’m glad I did.

Someone who needed the book, badly, tried the link on that day — and got the book. They spent most of that night struggling with a decision to contact me, and most of the next morning trying to do it. A phone message that they couldn’t leave, followed by an email that was blank; and finally, one that wasn’t. They were grateful for the book — and in serious personal trouble. And now they’re not. I talked them through it until someone close could get there to help.

This person needed to ask for help, and because of the book, I was the one they chose to ask. Because I left the link up, they found the strength to hold out one more day. If the link hadn’t worked…well. I can’t even go there. And so, I’ve made a decision.

On October 1, the full ebook versions of all three Meditations books will go live for people to buy — and I hope you do — followed by announcements about the new print editions. I’ve planned to do an “Honor System” link for DotD, where people can download it at no cost, and pay later, when they’re able to. But for now, I’m leaving the link up to get the free PDF, because I don’t want someone to go looking for it, and not find it. Especially when it might make the most difference to their choices and the future.

Share the link. Use the link. And pass it along. The book will be there whenever anyone needs it to be. I promise.


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James has written and illustrated six books in the bestselling series The Chronicles of the Imaginarium Geographica: Here, There Be Dragons; The Search For The Red Dragon; The Indigo King; The Shadow Dragons; The Dragon’s Apprentice; and The Dragons of Winter. The series is now being published in more than twenty languages. A seventh volume, The First Dragon, will conclude the series in November 2013.

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