How Magic Works

Via my friend Brian Holguin: “Do you know why the Indian rain dances always worked? Because the Indians would keep dancing until it rained.” — Sherman Alexie.

This is how Magic works, and how everything Extraordinary comes into being. A hundred times, I have pursued things that others said were crazy or simply impossible; and a hundred times I have outlasted them, quietly kept my head down, focused on reaching that goal that I had a passion to reach, and, in the face of protests, jeers, and disbelief, brought those desires of my innermost heart into being.

It always takes effort; it often takes great change, great transformation. It takes a willingness to wait; and an an unwavering belief. But Magic is possible; having the things you want and need in your life is possible; happiness, and living the life you imagined for yourself is possible. Just keep dancing until it rains.


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